They will ask you WHY you do it, and then HOW you did it?
I will be with you in the process of WHAT to do.
I believe the conscious change leads to a balanced life and gives freedom!
Toni Simeonova

Are you ready
for a change?

Do you feel depressed, with low energy and tone?

Have you lost the joy of self care?

Do you experience excessive emotional and physical hunger?

You are obviously stressed, tired and unsatisfied with your way of life?

You feel uncertainty, imbalance and chronic fatigue?

You suffer from insomnia, weakened immune system and lack of concentration?


1. What is a holistic approach?

Through a holistic approach, the treatment is carried out in the most effective way possible, by taking into account each and every aspect of the human being: emotions, energy, physical body and soul.

2. Discovery of the primary cause

My approach is designed to uncover the initial causes of discomfort and imbalance, then finding the way your diet habits, stress levels and physical activity affect your body.

3. Awareness

I will help you make small changes, that will lead to significant improvements in your life, including stress reduction, increase in vitality and improvement of your relationship with others.

4. Accountability

I am the one who will lead and support you in reaching your goals. The power to achieve a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle is yours.

5. Invest in yourself

Listen to your body. Change your focus. Feel the change and enjoy the results. Make yourself a priority right now and enjoy a healthy and well-balanced life!

Who is

Toni Simeonova

I am a holistic health consultant, certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. Health coaching is my inspiration, it has helped me to become well-balanced and healthy, giving me the freedom to choose, the strength to achieve my dreams and to reach my goals.

Changing my career path from corporate environment to personal development and coaching was not a coincidence. The daily challenges and excessive juggling between motherhood and professional life I was subjected to, led me to imbalance, fatigue and loss of true enjoyment of life. All this manifested itself in a vicious circle of emotional eating, hormonal imbalance, demotivation and depression. Consequently, my body also suffered from physical discomfort, which was directly linked to the weight of the negative emotions involved. Then one day I realised that my struggles, thoughts and emotions are my responsibilities alone, and began the journey to the long lasting change.

Having undergone these long transformations, I managed to change many dysfunctional and unnecessary patterns of thought and behaviour. I attended various personal development programs, completed a course on hormonal health and certified as a "Business Master Practitioner with Coaching Skills". I have worked with knowledgable experts in the personal development and growth field. Every day I saw the befits of the holistic approach I was following and sharing with friends and family. Later I realised that this is more than passion, it is my new career path.

Meeting with clients helps me improve professionally and as a person. It brings me both challenge and great satisfaction of doing what I love.

What I most value in my approach is the opportunity to touch the true nature of my clients. To see their pain and needs. It is a pleasure for me to lend a hand to those of you, who are ready for change and a charging adventure.

"Where there's focus, there's energy!" - Tony Robins

Everyone has an infinite potential to achieve the goals and aspirations, that bring them happiness, freedom and satisfaction. My job is to help you see your potential and focus on activities, that bring out the best version of yourself.
The common goal will be to develop and enhance your abilities, further than your body and mind have ever reached, in order to create opportunities for a happy and enriched life.