This program is about setting and achieving long term goals (six months). The focus is on you, your goals, desires and life

The program has been designed in detail for those of you who:

• Want to change patterns of thinking and behaviour and make them work in their favour.

• Need to define values and prioritise for a more balanced and motivated daily life.

• Want to pursue a goal that makes them sincere and authentic.

• Are ready to create their own rules and rhythm, to give themselves the personal time they deserve.

• Seeking to strike a balance between the personal and the professional life.

Additionally, this six-month programme focuses on the general treatment and prevention of conditions related to hormonal imbalance:


• Polycystic Eggs

• Violations at the rest of the NRA

• Hypothyroidism

• Hyperthyroidism

• Endometriosis

• Reduced fertility

• Chronicle of hilarity

The individual approach to each of these hormonal disorders is aiming to balance and improve those areas of life that affect your hormonal health. The program does not replace, but only complements any existing treatment and prescriptions.

The program is not suitable for people, who:

• Expect to receive a weight reducing diet plan or/and fitness plan

• Are looking to solve all their problems with a “Magic Wand”

• Expect someone else to do the job for them

• Do not show patience and consistency

The program

Duration: 6 months, including 12 sessions

Sessions are held two times a month for a duration of 50 minutes. Feel free to contact me between sessions for extra guidance and support. With the possibility of online sessions.

Step 1. Introduction and recognition

• Defining the desired change and setting goals.

• Stages of change. The first step to transformation, dedication and motivation.

Step 2. Stress. Different types of stress.

• Attention to food, chronic conditions and discomfort, eating habits. Creating a healthy connection with physical movement/exercise.

• Natural supplements to improve the general condition.

Stet 3. Tools for change.

• Beliefs, values and patterns of behaviour.

• Balance between personal and professional life.

Step 4. Bad habits.

• Identification and replacement with useful ones.

• Harmful foods and the emotion behind them.

Step 5. Personal time and space.

• The mind/body connection. Breathing exercises. Types of meditation.

• Conscious self care (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental). Mind management.

Step 6. All together.

• Integration and the value of the new opportunities.

• Consolidation and completion.