This program is all about setting and implementation of short-term goals. Within three months you will see improvement in general condition, elimination of bad habits and limiting beliefs.

I have created this program with a lot of love and attention for those of you who are looking:

• To master emotional and unconscious eating.

• To deal with physical pain and stiffness.

• To feel rested, recharged and toned.

• To be emotionally prepared and in good physical shape.

• To modify your diet according to your individual needs.

• To deal with stress, anxiety and frequent headaches.

• To deal with urgent and priority cases and problems.

The programme is not suitable for people, who:

• Expect to receive a weight reducing diet plan or/and fitness plan

• Are looking to solve all their problems with a “Magic Wand”

• Expect someone else to do the job for them

• Do not show patience and consistency

Completing this programme will provide with a smooth transition from a busy daily rhythm to a new healthier and fuller lifestyle.

The program

Duration - 3 months, including 6 sessions.

Sessions are held twice a month for a duration of 50 minutes. Feel free to contact me between sessions for extra guidance and support. With the possibility of online sessions.

Step 1. Introduction and understanding of the general condition.

• Defining the desired change.

• Assess stress levels, eating habits and regimes.

• Setting goals.

Step 2. Bad habits, beliefs and life patterns.

• Identifying them and replacing them with new ones.

• Tools for achieving goals.

Step 3. Integration and completion of the program.

• Natural methods for further general and specific improvements.

• Evaluation of results, guidelines and completion.